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If you are looking for the latest news and tips about Grooveshark, you have come to the right place. The Grooveshark team has made their space on Reddit! From time to time, they will drop by Reddit to announce news, answer your questions, and take your suggestions. So why not join the conversation? You might learn something new every time you visit their page.


Streamus is a Chrome extension that uses an embedded player from YouTube. You can browse playlists and subscribe to them from there. Unlike Grooveshark, it allows you to listen to music from your computer without installing any software. Streamus is currently available for free but might soon become a paid app. There are some cons to using Streamus though newsstock. You might find some of the content you want to listen to unlistenable or piracy-filled streams in the app.

Streamus works by turning YouTube into a music streaming service. Users can create playlists and sync them across devices. Users can also share playlists with their friends via URL. It also has a radio mode, so you can discover new tunes by listening to different genres in a radio fashion. The Chrome extension also lets you share playlist URLs to friends, which makes it easy to share music with them.

The yanking of grooveshark was an egregious case of legal piracy. The site’s management apologised and said it had launched without proper licensing agreements. Thousands of users had their favorite music playlists removed. The music was probably handed over to the record labels. Streamus aims to restore that service to its former glory. Its success was a result of a team of Israeli developers.

The music streaming service was a favorite of independent artists and music fans alike. It hosted an amazing amount of rare music. However, the service was recently shut down due to a lawsuit. This lawsuit was largely because of Grooveshark’s lack of licensing agreements and legal issues newsbench. As such, it is hard to find a similar service. There are a few other options, but these are unlikely to replace Grooveshark.


After a few days of searching the internet, I found out about StreamSquid, an audiosplitter powered by Youtube. This tool allows you to search for your favorite tracks or browse by genre, top charts, or radio feature. Grooveshark was a popular music service magazinemania. Its operators left a backup server up and running, allowing people to revive their playlists.

After all, Grooveshark was forced to shut down due to legal issues, but StreamSquid has successfully brought back 90 percent of the songs that were on the site. If you were a fan of Grooveshark, you will want to download this new service thoptvnews. You can enjoy your favorite songs in ad-free fashion, without having to worry about copyright issues.

StreamSquid offers a very easy-to-use interface to listen to music online. It features radio stations that allow you to find songs you love and share them with your friends. You can even create playlists on the site, or transfer them from your Grooveshark account. If you are a member, you can listen to millions of songs for free postinghub.


However, the service closed in April this year, due to legal issues. Grooveshark was found liable for $736 million USD and PS472 million for wilful copyright violations. StreamSquid is now available in a free version and will be available in a few months. This is a great way to get your favorite music and videos without paying anything.

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