How to Avoid Bonus Abuse in the iGaming Industry

Bonus abuse is a common occurrence in the iGaming industry, and it can be costly for operators. Bonus abuse takes many forms and can vary from one market to the next. In order to identify which bonuses are being used, it is important to understand how they are being used. Bonuses are a way for iGaming companies to attract new players and retain existing ones. The problem is that bonus abuse is not always easy to detect.

To detect bonus abuse, companies can employ a number of methods. These methods include identifying suspicious IP addresses or devices, and analyzing behavioral patterns to detect fraudulent activity. Device fingerprinting is an effective way to detect fraudulent activity and detect multi-accounting. Advanced anti-fraud platforms can also identify patterns and identify fraudulent activity.

Bonus abuse can be performed in different forms, and can be carried out by small operations or large criminal rings. The main method used by scammers is multi-accounting, which involves using fake IDs, disposable email accounts, and stolen credit card details to register as many accounts as possible. By placing multiple bets simultaneously, fraudsters can take advantage of the free bonus money that is available to them.

Bonus abuse may also be accidental. Many people don’t realize that they are abusing a bonus until it is too late. The best way to avoid this type of abuse is to understand the rules and to play responsibly. Bonuses are offered to attract players and promote websites, but any irregular use of these bonuses can result in account closure. To avoid this, always read the terms and conditions of each bonus.

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