King of the Streets fights: if MMA is too soft for you

Fist fights, martial arts, boxing and other types of martial arts always attract a huge number of spectators. And their fans become once and for all. You can be a fan of figure skating, and then get carried away with football or basketball, but adherents of power fights will never exchange them for other sports. After all, a real adrenaline storm is only here.

Plus, you can always bet on on all official and allowed fights to get even more fun and thus share the victory with the favorite.

But for those who think even MMA is too right, and the opponents’ fights are too soft, there are special promotions, such as King of the Streets.

What is the difference between KOTS

  • Firstly, these are fisticuffs and really without rules. Even boxing gloves are not provided
  • Anyone can take part if they fill out an application on the site
  • Fights take place not in rings or in cages, but on the street, in an abandoned or rented room for one time, because the name itself obliges to go beyond the well-equipped sports grounds
  • There are no judges as such. It is impossible to win on points or because of clear superiority here. Referees hide their faces and work more as “bouncers”, that is, they separate fighters who have gone into a rage, and do not make decisions
  • You can only win by knocking out your opponent or by performing a life-threatening hold that guarantees the complete neutralization of your opponent.

Of course, there is a sweepstakes here, as far as bookmakers are concerned, not everyone accepts bets on fights of this kind.

How to watch and who usually participates

The live broadcast of the promotion is received by a paid subscription. It depends on the level of the fighters, the venue and the number of meetings.

Another feature of KOTS is the partial anonymity of the participants. They act under pseudonyms, without advertising their personal data. They try to select nicknames that are memorable, since popularity among viewers depends on this, respectively, the size of the audience and the size of the fee.

Who is rushing here as speakers? The composition of the athletes is very colorful. You can meet both current and former MMA fighters, failed boxers and kickboxers. And there are a lot of football fans here. They, let’s say, represent more of the “ultra” part of the current, which is often called hooligans, and in this way get rid of excess aggression in anticipation of matches.

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