What is a Zimpler Casino?

The payment methods available on a casino website largely affect the convenience of its players. For instance, the lack of appropriate payment options turns off Scandinavian players from foreign casinos. As a solution, several online casinos now enable payments through Zimpler, which is popular in Sweden and neighboring countries. Let’s examine how a Zimpler casino works and the best options to check out.

About Zimpler

Zimpler is a Swedish fintech platform that is widely used in Scandinavia. The users love how convenient, safe and reliable it is for making frequent payments. A Zimpler casino provides such benefits while you make deposits and withdrawals for your gambling needs. You can initiate transactions by providing your BankID, and the entire process takes only a few minutes.

The key concern that Scandinavian players have about joining foreign online casinos is the lack of proper payment options. It can cause a lot of hassle and even extra charges, which must be avoided. However, many top unlicensed casino sites support Zimpler, making it simple for players from Scandinavian countries to process payments.

Key advantages of gambling with Zimpler

While Zimpler is not used worldwide, it is highly prevalent in certain European countries. The only countries that use it presently are Estonia, Finland, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands. People from these countries can use Zimpler for casino payments and enjoy the following benefits.

  • Fast payments
  • Secure option
  • Convenient access

Fast payments

Some payment methods take a long time to process, even over a week. Waiting a long time for your deposits and payouts to reflect in your bank account is not ideal. However, by using Zimpler, you can enjoy fast and seamless payments. You can deposit money quickly, and then get your withdrawals credited as soon as possible.

The speed of Zimpler transactions helps put the players’ minds at ease, especially while processing withdrawals. All you must do is provide your mobile number each time. It is a far cry from traditional payment processes that often require additional verification.

Secure option

There are no worries about sensitive data leaks or fraud while making payments through Zimpler. Since the company was founded in 2012, it has earned the tag of being reliable and secure. In fact, it is one of the top payment methods in Sweden apart from Trustly.

Similarly, if you choose a reputed Zimpler casino, you do not have to stress about scams or fraud. It is perfectly safe if your casino has a valid EU-based gambling license.

Convenient access

It is easy and convenient to make payments through Zimpler. You only need to provide your mobile number to deposit in your casino account through Zimpler. Once you do so, Zimpelr will send a verification code to the provided mobile number. Enter the code to process the transaction. The money will be credited as soon as possible, usually within minutes.

Moreover, Zimpler casinos are usable on both your PC and mobile phone. Many people prefer the mobile phone version since they find it easier to connect to Zimpler that way. You can contact the casino site’s customer support team if you have any trouble with the payments.

Cons of using a Zimpler casino

While Zimpler has a lot of benefits, there are certain disadvantages that are hard to ignore too. No payment method is perfect, after all. The following are cons that players have noted about Zimpler.

  • It is only available in a few countries and is commonly used by Swedes only. Therefore, only a certain group of players can use the benefits that Zimpler offers.
  • There is no dedicated mobile app available so far for Zimpler. It means you must visit the official website to process payments. While this is not a time-consuming process, many players would find it more convenient if an app were launched.
  • Zimpler is relatively new compared to other established payment options like VISA. Therefore, you might have to deal with some bugs from time to time. However, the payment process is largely seamless and secure.

Top Zimpler casinos to check out

Based on player reviews, the following are the top Zimpler casinos to try out for a fun, convenient and rewarding time.

  • Schnellwetten
  • Zinkra
  • InstaWin


Featuring a casino section and sportsbook, Schnellwetten is one of the best Zimpler casino sites for versatile gambling. A well-developed live dealer section is available through which you can compete against people worldwide. The live sports betting section is a crowd favorite too.


Zinkra stands out with its simple and easy-to-navigate website design. It is a great platform for new players and offers generous bonuses. Plus, regular players can gain more rewards through the loyalty scheme on the site.


Live betting and live casino gaming are the top things to do at InstaWin. The casino website takes a simple, no-frills approach and focuses on providing a premium gaming experience. The site works with many of the best game studios in the industry.

If you are in a country that supports Zimpler, try it out for your next casino experience. You can enjoy safe and convenient payment like never before.

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