A look behind the facade: This is what your sleeping position says about your character. And not only what you think about casino no deposit bonuses codes.

You can’t influence it – and that’s why your sleeping position probably provides the most honest evidence of your character. Because how you lie in bed reveals a lot about you. 


Sleep researchers have recognized that the favorite position for sleeping develops already in childhood. Moreover, there is a science of its own behind how your body prefers to sleep at night. So find out more about your type. Maybe you will be surprised or even agree on what your sleeping position tells you about your character.


Supine position – you have a lot of self-confidence

Do you like to sleep lying on your back, with your arms and legs stretched out in a relaxed manner? This shows that you are putting yourself in an unprotected posture and again shows a very high level of self-confidence and curiosity.

But you can still distinguish the supine position.

Starfish: If you stretch your arms and legs a little further away from you, like a starfish, it means that you are a generous and selfless person. A leadership position also suits you well.

Soldier: The counterpart to this is the so-called soldier position when sleeping. Your arms and legs are close to your body, your body is straight as a die? You are a very goal-oriented and consistent person. And although you expect a lot from yourself, you belong to a balanced kind of person.

Party-Animal: Put your Hands up! If your arms are above your head even when you sleep, you have a strong and honest character. You enjoy your life, the attention of others and being with people.

Prone position – you are especially perfectionistic:

You feel most comfortable lying on your stomach? That is something special. Not many people sleep on their stomach. It is said that stomach sleepers have a tendency to perfectionism and ambition. Moreover, they are neat and punctual people.

But are there differences here as well.

Flamingo: You lie on your stomach and bend one leg, like a sunbathing flamingo. This could mean that you need stability and rest. But your mood can change quickly.

Parachute jump: Your pillow is your anchor. You hold on to it as if you might lose it in a skydive. This shows that you like to have adventures and you like to be straightforward about what you think.

Side sleeper – you are a sensitive person

The side position is probably the most popular position for sleeping. Again, there are two different variations that reveal more about you.

Fetus: People who curl up like a baby in the womb tend to appear rather hard on the outside, but have a shy or sensitive core.

Fake fetus: However, a variation of the fetus position changes the character analysis. If you lie a little more stretched out, it can mean that you are not easily angered and are open to new things.

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